Variety of Natural Herbal Medicines, Suitable for Consumption During a Pandemic

In addition to implementing a healthy lifestyle, maintaining the body's immune system also requires the intake of supplements. You can get supplements to maintain endurance through vitamins sold in pharmacies, or by using natural herbal remedies.

These natural herbal medicines are derived from plants. Whether it's the leaves to the rhizome of spices. Of course, the content in it is very interesting, even used by herbal medicine manufacturers as the basic ingredients of their products. Here are some choices of natural herbal remedies that can be an option for consumption.

Variety of Natural Herbal Medicines to be Consumed During a Pandemic

During a pandemic, the body's immunity must always be maintained so that it is not susceptible to viruses. One way to always take care of it is to consume health herbs that increase antibodies. What are the choices of these natural herbs here are some of the options..

  1. Moringa Leaves

These small leaves are often found in various places, especially Indonesia, which has a tropical climate. Although often associated with mystical things, in fact the nutritional content in these tiny leaves is very large.

There are active compounds such as vitamin C, flavonoids, anthraquinones, and various other antioxidants that help maintain the immune system. Even the content of vitamin C in it has levels 7 times more than oranges.

  1. Meniran

It turns out that a number of herbal products also use meniran extract in them. Including for herbal medicine to maintain endurance. It turns out that in a leaf with a Latin namePhyllanthus niruriit is rich in tannins as wellphyllanthine.

These compounds have high antioxidants that are useful to help increase endurance. A number of studies even mention that this herbal plant helps to overcome diseases that have to do with weak immunity.

  1. Turmeric

This spice, which is usually used in Southeast Asian and Western cuisine, has curcumin compounds that are rich in benefits. These compounds are very well used to improve the digestive system, and help increase the body's absorption system.

Turmeric also contains high antioxidants that can be used in making supplements to increase endurance. This high antioxidant in turmeric plays a role in helping fight free radicals so you are not susceptible to viruses, infections, and the like.

  1. Ginger

Not only serves as a body warmer, reliever bloating, and the like. More than that, ginger has effective properties to help boost immunity. Especially during a pandemic that requires immunity to always be maintained so as not to be vulnerable to virus exposure.

The content of gingerol and shogaol in ginger provides interesting antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These two ingredients can also help reduce the risk of infection, as well as natural antibiotics that are useful for inhibiting the growth of viruses and bacteria.

  1. Soursop leaf

The next natural herbal remedy is soursop leaves. Soursop leaves have a high antioxidant content. Several studies say that this plant rich in benefits can help boost immunity, and is suitable for consumption as a cancer drug.

Typonisix is one of the herbal herbal products that has a high content of soursop leaves. In addition, various kinds of extracts of other natural ingredients also make their properties to maintain the immune system more attractive.

Damisariwarna is a trusted herbal medicine shop that can be your choice. You can buy Typonisix at Damisariwarna, which is safe and has been certified by BPOM.

So, that's a variety of natural herbal remedies that can be a choice of natural supplements for consumption. Not only chemical drugs, you can also use the various rhizomes and plants above to be used as medicine.


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