Indonesia is rich with natural beauty
and the diversity of spices which are believed to have properties and uses that are good for health.

For more than 33 years, Dami Sariwana creates the best products from the goodness of nature to meet the needs and provide good nutrition for the health of the Indonesian people.

With modern technology, natural ingredients and an extraction process under strict supervision, we create high quality, tested, hygienic and nutritious products.

Dami Sariwana has been distributed to all corners of Indonesia and abroad such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Russia, and other countries.

To become the center for safe, useful and efficacious herbal medicines, cosmetics, food and beverage companies for all Indonesian people and throughout the world.

Trustworthy, being a trusted reference for herbal medicines by the people of Indonesia and the whole world.

Innovation, always innovating to create high quality, efficacious and tested products.

Contribution, to be a company that contributes to the health of the people of Indonesia and throughout the world.