Consumption of 5 Healthy Foods to Maintain Body Endurance

The food consumed every day will provideoutput specific to the body. Of course, if what is consumed is healthy food, the body will give it to yououtput positive, and vice versa. Healthy food to maintain the immune system should always be consumed. Especially during a pandemic.

The body requires adequate nutritional intake to increase antibodies. Of course, with the right foods, the body's protection from viruses, bacteria, and the like will be more optimal. Here are some recommendations for healthy foods to maintain endurance, which should be consumed regularly.

Various Choices of Healthy Food to Maintain Immune

The choice of food to be consumed does not seem to be limited. Make sure you choose the right type of intake what you will eat every day. In addition to being filling, of course, the hope to always be healthy can be realized through proper intake. Here are some healthy food choices.

  1. Broccoli

This green vegetable is not liked by children. In fact, if processed properly will create a delicious taste. Besides being delicious, it turns out that broccoli contains a lot of nutrients that are important to maintain endurance.

Starting from fiber, minerals, vitamin C, to vitamin E, all of which are useful to help increase antibody production. Make sure not to boil the broccoli too long so that the nutrients in it are not lost.

  1. Seafood

Another healthy food to maintain the immune system is seafood. Ranging from shellfish, salmon, tuna, snapper, to oysters, they are very good for consumption. It's better to consume a varietyseafood is in mature condition. Although there are types of seafood that are served raw, it is better to look for cooked ones.

The content of omega-3, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, and protein inseafood This is very good for increasing antibodies. If consumed in a raw state, it is feared that there are still live bacteria that can damage the immune system.

  1. Yogurt

Even though it tastes sour, it turns out that yogurt has many important nutrients to maintain the immune system. The content of probiotics in yogurt is useful for dispelling bacterial infections, helping to strengthen the body's immunity, and of course good for digestion.

Consume yogurt regularly. However, it is recommended not to overdo it because it will cause diarrhea as a side effect. If you have an allergy to cow's milk protein, you should avoid consuming yogurt so you don't experience certain effects.

  1. Fruits

Not only vegetables and side dishes. Fruits should also be included in your daily menu. Fruits contain many important nutrients to increase antibodies. Starting from vitamin C, vitamin A, minerals, antioxidants, and the like.

The types of fruit that can be consumed are unlimited. You can try from those with soft textures such as bananas, papayas, water guavas, mangoes, to kiwis. Or if you like a hard texture, try eating apples, pears, yam, and the like.

In addition to eating a variety of healthy foods above, natural herbs must also be included in the dietlist your daily intake. One of the recommended herbal products is Typonisix.

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So that's a variety of healthy food choices that can be used as your daily menu. Healthy food to maintain the body's resistance will be maximized, if coupled with taking herbal supplements. Make sure to buy these herbal products at the most complete and trusted herbal shop.

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