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Cause andhow to deal with blood coagulation have been found in the medical field. There are several ways that can be done just adjust the patient's condition. From paying attention to diet, managing daily activities, to taking drugs. Although it is not easy, but it is not impossible to take optimal action.

Understand Cause, Help DetermineHow to Overcome Blood Coagulation

Unhealthy Living Habits

Blood clotting is actually a normal and important mechanism for the human body. This serves to help the healing process when bleeding occurs. However, an unhealthy lifestyle has the potential to make the blood thicken excessively.

Some activities that are not good that can trigger the appearance of blood clots include rarely exercising and smoking. Even further, can cause disease tends to be more complex. Therefore, it's good to start paying attention to your own lifestyle seriously.

Consumption of Hormonal Drugs

Medicines do help humans a lot in the healing process after being exposed to certain diseases. It's just that, did you know that there are types of drugs that can trigger blood clots. Usually this is experienced by those who use hormonal products, such as heparin and birth control pills..

In this case, the most reasonable way to prevent blood clots is to stop taking hormonal drugs. You may be able to switch to usageherbal products. Generally natural ingredients have a relatively lower level of risk.


If parents have symptoms of blood clots, it is very likely to be passed on to children. Genetics, however, has long been recognized as one of the causes of unwanted disease. In this case, to overcome this, it is necessary to strictly implement a healthy lifestyle and consumptionhealth herbs.

Coronavirus infection

Blood clots that occur in Covid-19 patients tend to be worrying. The reason is, symptoms are generally identified as part of the body's reaction to the virus itself. As a result, it is not uncommon for the patient's condition to become critical before the medical staff notices it.

The cause of excessive blood thickening in Covid-19 patients is because the presence of the virus triggers D-dimer levels to increase. As a result, this makes blood circulation blocked and actually causes clots. On the other hand, it is often equated with an over-reaction of the immune system.

Don't Be Confused AboutHow to Overcome Blood Coagulation

Covid-19 patient

If you are a positive patient for Covid-19, it's a good idea to get used to light activities during the healing period. The goal is to improve blood circulation and thus prevent clotting. Some recommended activities to try include going around the room, jumping or jogging, stretching, and the like.

General condition

Regardless of whether you are a Covid-19 patient or not, you still need special efforts to prevent bad events. Of course, no one wants to experience blood clots, not this. This is why it is important to take your lifestyle seriously, and increase your consumption good multivitamin.

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