Knowing the Factors Affecting Your Immunity

Knowing the Factors Affecting Your Immunity

Factors affecting immunityIt is important to pay attention especially during this Covid-19 pandemic to stay awake and avoid the virus. Because some of the causes of decreased endurance are less noticed by some people.

The immune system itself works in detecting the presence of foreign objects such as microorganisms. Meanwhile, some of these unnoticed factors can actually cause the immune function to be damaged.

Maybe some people think that food is the most influential. This is not entirely wrong, but there are several other factors that also influence the body's resistance.

Various Factors Affecting Immunity

If you pay attention to factors that can affect immunity, it will be easier to handle them. Here are some things to pay attention to so you don't get various kinds of diseases, including the Covid-19 virus.

  • Environment
  • According to research, the environment plays a greater role in developing the immune system when compared to genetic factors. Although some activities are carried out such as the elimination of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, it is also influenced by genetics.

    The environment will indeed be slower to overcome various microbes, but can eliminate them more specifically and last a long time. Therefore, a good environment can befactors that affect immunity stronger.

  • Stress
  • Stress due to too much work and thoughts is also a cause of decreased immunity. You must have also experienced pain and not feeling well after doing work that drains your energy and mind.

    Fatigue due to various activities will increase the stress hormone called cortisol. If you are in this condition, then your immune system will decrease. If stress is managed properly thenfactors that affect immunity others will be affected.

  • Sleep Cycle
  • Getting enough sleep will make the body more refreshed and ready for activities. In addition, it can avoid the reduced immune system in preventing various diseases. In fact, according to research, sleep can reduce the hormone cortisol and increase immunity.

  • Cleanliness
  • Cleanliness becomesfactors that affect immunity others if you don't want to get sick from viruses, bacteria, or fungi. During this pandemic, for example, cleanliness is very important in the spread of COVID-19 not to spread more and more.

    Washing hands or using a hand sanitizer to reduce the risk of contracting the virus should always be done after doing activities. In addition, the cleanliness of the residence can also prevent various microorganisms from disturbing health.

  • Food Nutrition
  • Food is also afactors affecting immunity. Eating foods with the nutrients needed by the body is very important, because various minerals and multivitamins provide protection against disease.

    Not only fruits and vegetables, consuming herbs can also be an alternative. Covid-19 requires everyone to have a good immune system so that nutrition from food alone is sometimes not enough. Need extrasupplements for immunityto stay healthy and away from disease.

    Various natural herbs that are processed in a modern way such as Top Up from Dami Sariwana become a nutritious alternative as a complement to other nutritious foods. The ingredients in it are effective in preventing COVID-19.

    Top Up Dami Sariwana That Affects Immunity

    Top Up from herbal companyfrom Dami Sariwana is increasingly consumed by the wider community because it can affect immunity so that it works more optimally. Moreover, it contains several herbs that are very good for health.

    Top Up uses all natural ingredients without the addition of harmful chemicals, so it is safe to consume as an additional supplement. Stamina increases and is not easy to get sick or get infected by covid-19. You can buy it through the Dami Sariwana website.

    Immune medicine This has also been tested for quality and has obtained a permit from BPOM as a form of government support. Not only that, there is already a certification from the MUI so it is safe from illicit materials.

    Having a good immune system during a pandemic can reduce the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, you should already start paying attentionfactors that affect immunity to avoid dangerous diseases.

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