Guide to Preventing Covid-19 Blood Coagulation

GuidePreventing Covid Blood Coagulation

Keyword: Preventing Covid blood coagulation

Many people want to find out howprevent Covid blood coagulation. The reason is, the case of blood clots due to being infected with the Corona virus had shocked the public some time ago. Usually, these symptoms attack the lower surface of the skin and the lungs. Although it doesn't always happen, it's something to watch out for.

Know the Cause BeforePreventing Covid Blood Coagulation

As a result of injury

When someone is injured, blood clots are normal. Reportedly, the clot serves to encourage the bleeding to stop. In the process, recovery efforts have the potential to occur more quickly. This is why patients should not panic because it has become part of the body's defense mechanism.

Further Conditions

When viewed more closely related to medical, apparently blood clots can occur without any injury. Usually this situation is experienced by patients with heart attacks and strokes. The implication is that it will be very dangerous because it can block blood flow.

On the other hand, Covid-19 can also cause blood clots in patients who are detected positive. Some of the factors that cause it include the appearance of inflammation in the blood vessels due to Corona virus infection. This inflammation will eventually form clots.

Not only that, blood coagulation is sometimes triggered by the body's immune system response during the fight against viral infections. As a result, the activity of important cells with blood-clotting performance is increased. In terms of high risk, it is reported that people with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are more likely to experience this situation.

Increased D-dimer levels

D-dimer is a protein component with the main function of helping the blood clotting process. This includes an important part in the body, but can be fatal if the levels are increased. On the other hand, Corona virus infection can trigger systemic inflammation and a cytokine storm so that the D-dimer intensity gradually increases.

In other words, people with high levels of D-dimer have a greater potential to develop blood viscosity. That is why a policy was issued to conduct a D-dimer test on Covid-19 patients. The aim is to immediately take preventive action if it is detected that the level is increasing.

Here's HowPreventing Covid Blood Coagulation

Consumption of Anticoagulants

The severity of Covid-19 patients is now detected based on the levels of D-dimer in the body. If the condition worsens, the doctor will prescribe anticoagulants or blood thinners. The drug works by dissolving the viscosity of the blood experienced by the patientsuspectpositive.

The important thing that should not be forgotten is that the consumption of anticoagulants must be accompanied by a doctor's prescription. Avoid eating it in excess because it can actually make the condition worse. Although it still requires more in-depth study, but so far anticoagulant drugs are suspected to be able to treat severe pneumonia.

Obey Health Protocol

Adhering to health protocols does not directly help cure blood viscosity. However, this method can more or less prevent you from being infected with the Corona virus. If it's already positive, at least it's useful to stop the spread. From limiting yourself out of the house to keeping your distance, everything should be applied in everyday life.

Consumption of Garlic

Garlic is generally known as a kitchen spice that not only has a delicious taste, but is also rich in benefits. Every time you eathealth herbs With this, you can get properties in the form of anticancer, antibacterial, and even anti-inflammatory. Furthermore, the presence of sulfur is very good for widening blood vessels.

Preventing Covid blood coagulation requires effort on the part of the patient. Not only relying on chemical drugs from doctors, you can speed up healing by consuming garlic. The good news, there is PT. Dami Sariwana who consistently presentsherbal products high quality and affordable prices for the community.

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