How to Increase Body Immunity with the Following Exercises

How to Increase Body Immunity with the Following Exercises

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Many people do exercise to diet or lose weight. But the sport itself is how to increase body immunityso that the body is stronger and resistant to disease. With regular exercise you can reduce the risk of chronic disease and reduce inflammation in vital organs. That is why you should not miss your exercise schedule.

Especially during a pandemic like now, most people just stay at home. This can actually lower the body's resistance and will be more susceptible to viruses. Don't just laze around or lie down, move actively so that the body becomes healthier and fitter. Exercising is a fun and relaxing activity.

here How to Increase Body Immunity 

One way to strengthen the immune system is to exercise regularly. The exercise itself does not need to be excessive, just 15 to 30 minutes. In addition, you also need to consume nutritious food and can also be addedSupplements to maintain immunity. Regarding exercise, what types of exercise can be done at home??

  • Strength Training
  • Strength training is a type of exercise to increase strength and muscle mass. Types of exercise that can be done include push ups, planks, squats and the like. The benefits of strength training are improving blood circulation and triggering the production of anti-stress hormones.

  • Walk or Run
  • How to increase body immunityIt can also be done by walking or running. If you do it at home, you can use a treadmill or if possible you can exercise outside such as a park or field. Although simple, walking or running can have a tremendous effect. Regular walking or running can lower blood pressure, increase antibodies and lose weight.

  • Gymnastics and Yoga
  • Gymnastics and yoga are also one of the most popular types of sports lately.How to increase body immunitythis one is suitable for beginners and there are tons of examples to see on YouTube. Gymnastics or yoga can be done in the morning while breathing fresh air. After that don't forget to have a healthy breakfast and take vitamins orherbal health products.

  • Jump rope
  • Jumping rope is also a good sport for health and can help boost immunity. This sport is also almost the same as a children's game using a rubber rope. In other words, this sport is suitable to be done with the family.

  • Up and Down Stairs
  • Another way that can be done as a form of light exercise at home is going up and down stairs which is an aerobic exercise. This sport is very easy to do but optimal enough to help increase muscle strength and maintain body stamina. Do this exercise for 10 to 15 minutes to get optimal results.

    Consumption of Supplements Helps Increase Body Immunity

    Any sport can be done from light to heavy. You can adjust to your individual abilities, the important thing is to stay active and do it regularly. There must be a result because sport is ahow to increase body immunityeffective.

    In addition to exercise, consumption of highly nutritious foods is also needed by the body. Including consumptiongood multivitaminand quality like Top Up. This product can be obtained through the Dami Sariwana website which is athe most complete herbal medicine shop. Herbal medicine is believed to help increase the body's resistance so that it can avoid disease.

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