Here's How to Calculate a Normal Menstrual Cycle

Here's How to CalculateNormal Menstrual Cycle

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Menstruation is a condition experienced by a woman from adolescence to adulthood. This occurs when an egg is released and attaches to the uterine wall but is not fertilized by a sperm cell. Eventually the uterine lining sheds and causes bleeding out through the vagina.Normal menstrual cycle generally occurs every month, but every woman has their own menstrual cycle.

Menstruation will last for three to seven days, but in the first to third day will generally feel abdominal pain. This is common, ranging from mild abdominal pain to those that can make a woman faint. Some women consumehealth herbsto reduce the pain.

How to Know Normal Menstrual Cycle 

The occurrence of menstruation or menstruation is a sign that a person has entered puberty. However, not all women experience their first period at the same age. There are those who menstruate first at the age of 11 years and there are also those who are late at the age of 16 and have just started menstruating.

In this regard, women also need to know information aboutnormal menstrual cycleand not normal. If you are experiencing an abnormal menstrual period, you can consult a doctor. Before that, it's a good idea to record your menstrual cycle to find out if you have normal or abnormal cycle.

  • Normal Menstrual Cycle
  • Normal menstrual cycles generally occur within 22 to 35 days. While the menstrual period occurs within three to seven days or a maximum of 15 days. So for one year at least women will experience menstruation 11 to 12 times. When menstruation generally experiences abdominal pain, you can consumeherbal health productsto get over it.

    During menstruation, blood will come out through the vagina and the amount will be more during the first to third day of menstruation. Normal blood color is bright red, but this also depends on the level of viscosity and the volume of blood that comes out. Onnormal menstrual cycleUsually, there is also vaginal discharge before the menstrual period, which is a thick white fluid that has no odor.

  • Abnormal menstrual cycle
  • Menstrual cycles generally occur every 28 days, but there are some women who experience abnormal menstrual cycles. This can be caused by certain menstrual disorders such as amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, dysmenorrhea or uterine bleeding. Here are some conditions that occur in an abnormal menstrual cycle.

    • Menstrual cycles occur sooner or later than the normal cycle, which is 22 to 35 days
    • Missing three or more consecutive menstrual cycles and still not getting pregnant
    • Menstrual bleeding that is more or less than usual or unusually unusual abdominal pain
    • Abdominal pain accompanied by excessive nausea and vomiting during menstruation

    The Importance of Recording the Menstrual Cycle for Women

    Recording menstrual cycles should be a habit since adolescence because these records will be very useful during pregnancy programs. In addition, you can also detect the presence ofnormal menstrual cycleor abnormal. That way, certain abnormal conditions can be immediately consulted with a doctor. Especially if you have severe and unnatural abdominal pain.

    It is normal for a woman who is on her period to experience pain. This can be overcome with light exercise, massage the abdominal area and others. You can also consume menses which areherbal productsto facilitate and reduce menstrual pain. Please visit Dami Sariwana's website to get the most complete and high-quality herbal products and medicines.

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